I have written about Feria del Sol already. The other one will be added next week. I hope thats alright with you. Regards --BBKurt 23:39, 18. Jun 2010 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

thank you so much...as can be you useful... I also advise you Marrovi for the Atzeco... or Nahuatl... he speaks some German.... is one of the my best amici..ios can help you with some traduzione..anches if my German is a few compassionate... but however.... every covenant is promised!....regards from Calabria and Venezuela♥--Lodewijk Vadacchino 22:13, 19. Jun 2010 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Hi, the article about Mérida is written now. I hope you will enjoy it. It was a pleasure to help you. Regards and best wishes --BBKurt 10:54, 20. Jun 2010 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Ich habe den Artikel über den Botanische Jaade va Mérida geschrieben. Es war kein Problem und dauerte exakt 6 Minuten. Falls ich einmal eine Übersetzung benötige, werde ich dich gerne anschreiben. --BBKurt 17:32, 25. Jan 2011 (CET)Beantworten[Beantworten]