Images - Duplication, and Missing Licensing Information


Please take care of: Image:W-Ajken-U1.png, Image:Huge Statistics.png, Image:Wikoelsch trans.png, Image:Negative Image Count Statistics.png, Image:Affk-logo.png, Image:Wiki.png, thank you. CommonsDupeFinder 03:01, 4. Jul 2007 (CEST)Beantworten

Thank you for your Help!
Done, or delegated to the respecive responsible users, respectively. --Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 09:34, 4. Jul 2007 (CEST)Beantworten
I'll adapt yout {{Babel| }} Box, if you don't mind … --Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 09:37, 4. Jul 2007 (CEST)Beantworten
Yes, you are welcome, I do not mind. --CommonsDupeFinder 09:30, 7. Jul 2007 (CEST)Beantworten