To avoid communication difficulties and to define a basis for further cooperation in ksh:

  • There are a lot of dialects in the ripuarian language area.
  • Everybody is invited to write articles in his own dialect/spelling.
  • There is no restriction concerning writing new articles.
  • Because of technical restrictions, we are forced to define one dialect/spelling as default. For example: for the default adjustment, when entering into without being logged in as wikipedia user.
  • Kölsch as the representative dialect of ripuarian language<br\>The most spoken ripuarian dialect is the dialect of Cologne area (dialect: Kölsch). Kölsch is the expression from which the abbreviation "ksh" is derivated. Kölsch is the most representative ripuarian dialect. Why is the ripuarian version of Asterix written in Kölsch? (for example: Asterix op Kölsch 3: Asterix un dat Kleo, ISBN 3-7704-2290-2; =Asterix and Kleopatra in ripuarian dialect). <br\>The Kölsch dialect is easy to read and understand around Cologne. To make the circulation clearer, here some number plates:<br\>AC = Aachen<br\>BM = Bergheim / Rhein-Erft-Kreis<br\>BN = Bonn<br\>D = Düsseldorf<br\>DN = Düren<br\>EU = Euskirchen<br\>GL = Bergisch Gladbach / Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis<br\>GM = Gummersbach / Oberbergischer Kreis<br\>K = Köln<br\>LEV = Leverkusen<br\>SU = Siegburg / Rhein-Sieg-Kreis<br\>and more<br\>
  • The default language localisation file for ksh<br\>We have an agreement about the default language localisation file for ksh: [1]. If somebody wants to replace this common basis, he should present a more representative, more spoken and more accepted ripuarian dialect.<br\>
  • Further language localisation files are welcome. They may be offered under "my preferences / language".
  • If it's needed to define expressions, where technical restrictions prevent more than one dialect, the default should be taken. If it's needed to avoid quarrelling about the "correct" spelling, the default should have priority.

If somebody isn't willing to sign this memorandum, he may explain his arguments on the discussion page.

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