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Purodha (Klaaf · Beijdrähsch)
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Purodha (Klaaf · Beijdrähsch)
M Русский, fmt, Other Places.
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De Bottschaff hee eß — en Aanloufshtell fö Froore zu shtelle unn Hülləp med de [[m:The_provisional_portal_of_Wikipedia|Shproochen_ėnShprooche_ėn de Wikipedi&aelig;s]] ze krije.
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|'''Welcome''' to the embassy of the Ripuarian Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Ripuarian wikipedia you are invited to post them here or on the discussion page of this article.<br /><center>'''[ Message to the embassy]'''</center>
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== Who can help? &nbsp; Wer kann helfen? &nbsp; Welkeen kann hülpen? ==
Visitors of the ripuarian Wikipedia can ask one of the listed users for help directly in the languages:
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* [[User:Purodha]] ([{{SERVER}}{{localurl:User_Talk:Purodha|action=edit&section=new hier anschreibenschreiben}}])
* [[User:Purodha]] ([{{SERVER}}{{localurl:User_Talk:Purodha|action=edit&section=new talk here}}])
Reih 29:
* &hellip;
== Other Places/Weitere Anlaufstellen/Annere Steden ==
'''По Русский:'''
You can also post your questions at [[WiKoelsch: ??]].
* [[User:Purodha]] — [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:User_Talk:Purodha|action=edit&section=new писаете здесь}}]
== Other Places/Weitere Anlaufstellen/Annere Steden ==
Du kannst Deine Fragen auch auf [[WiKoelsch: ??]] stellen.
DuYou kannstcan Fragenalso okpost opyour questions at [[WiKoelsch: ??Portal]] stellen.
Du kannst Deine Fragen auch auf [[WiKoelsch: ??Portal]] stellen.
Du kannst Fragen ok op [[WiKoelsch:Portal]] stellen.
== See also — Weitere Informationen — Annere Sieten ==
* [[WiKoelsch:Bots]]
* [[WiKoelsch:Interwiki Links]]
== Interwiki guidelines ==
These are the guidelines used for interwiki-links at Russian Wikipedia. If you are a robot, please take care to use a bot-flagged account.
'''General instructions:'''
# Interwiki links should reside at the very bottom of each page (after category tags).
# Each interwiki link should reside on its own line.
# The interwiki section should contain links to all existing articles in all languages.
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# The ''interwiki'' section should be organised alphabetically by displayed language name (not by language code). (Example: fi: is alphabetised as "Suomi". See their sort order at this embassy.)
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